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In 2009 VERDE PROFILO® discovered a way of preserving the natural lichen using a 100% ecological application which would allow the lichen to be placed onto a base allowing it to be fixed to walls and it was this invention that led to the patent of MOSSwall®.

MOSSwall® has many unique features but perhaps the most important is that it requires no maintenance and is the ultimate synergy of nature and design. Handmade in Italy and shipped globally; MOSSwall® is the world leader in this type of material application.

However MOSSwall® is not simply a beautiful product it also has an important function, by natural default of the lichen it is certified for acoustically absorbent. In real terms this means that area’s suffering from high levels of reverberation or echo, can be efficiently controlled through the use of MOSSwall®.

Mosswall® is created from a natural lichen that is used for indoor use. After harvesting, from sustainable sources, the MOSSwall® is stabilized and undergoes anti-static treatment to avoid the capture of dust. Due to its molecular structure MOSSwall® requires a relative humidity of 40 to 50% and doesn’t like to be placed into direct sunlight. MOSSwall® can be utilized in a number of ways for corporate branding, unique interior design, sound control, light solutions, furniture, or simply to bring nature indoors.

Whether you wish to simply fix to a wall or have a modular, freestanding wall there is a full system to accommodate your requirements.

  • Available in 22 colours - Ranges: Ocean, Forest, Desert, Black, White and Grey.
Color Options

  • Ocean Aubergine

  • Ocean Cassis

  • Ocean Erica

  • Ocean Iris

  • Ocean Lavander

  • Ocean Mauve

  • Forest Eucaliptus

  • Forest Green Pepper

  • Forest Mint

  • Forest Pistachio

  • Forest Wasabi

  • Desert Anice

  • Desert Cinnamon

  • Desert Curry

  • Desert Paprika

  • Desert Pink Pepper

  • Desert Red Pepper

  • Desert Saffron

  • Desert Sesame

  • Black

  • Natural

  • Grey
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