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The overall impression created by Flow is of a tranquil, watercolour vista. Mild and gentle with light glittering on its surface, the collection lends natural harmony and grace to any interior environment. Look beyond appearances and further beneath its hypnotic surface and Flow offers an exciting new innovation. The bottom layer of the collections backing is made of recycled material from our own onsite recycling plant – a process that results in the end product compromising up to 33% recycled material. In addition, like every other Bolon collection, Flow contains no added phthalates.

Inspired by the timeless mystery of our oceans, Flow highlights design fluidity, visual motion and soft pastel shades. Use the light that gently glitters on its tranquil surfaces to create a calm, naturally harmonic look.

  • Available as: Rolls, 50x50 Tile, and Bolon Studio™
Color Options

  • Alga

  • Coral

  • Shell

  • Stream
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