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A true world’s first in designer flooring, Create has a profiled yarn – a thread with a textured surface that can be used for jacquard weave. This method lets the floor create three-dimensional and light reflecting effects that bring any interior environment to life.

Create is available in a choice of ten designs, half of them plain and half patterned. The brown base of the collection is illuminated by intensely colourful splashes of yellow, copper, blue, green and beige so that each colour and pattern combination infuses the floor with a unique vitality.

  • Available as: Rolls, 50x50 Tile, and Bolon Studio™
Color Options

  • Agere

  • Comar

  • Converso

  • Fabrico

  • Facesso

  • Facio

  • Formato

  • Inducto

  • Struere

  • Struo
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