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Bolon by Missoni

Bolon's collaboration with iconic Italian fashion house Missoni was established with their first joint collection in 2012. Since then their relationship has grown closer and stronger. Bolon is proud to present the latest expressions of this beautiful cooperation.

This richly coloured, versatile, and powerful collection of exclusive woven floors gives new and exciting expression to Missoni’s beloved and characteristic attributes. Taking design cues from Missoni’s classic patterns – including the signature Zigzag – and highlighting warm, passionate colours, the collection exudes joy and confidence.

  • Available as: Rolls, 50x50 Tile, and Bolon Studio™
Color Options

  • Flame Black

  • Flame Patch Green

  • Flame Patch Neutral

  • Flame Patch Pink

  • Flame Rust

  • Flame Stone

  • Optical Pineapple

  • Optical Stone

  • Optical Turquoise

  • Zigzag Aubergine

  • Zigzag Black

  • Zigzag Cyan

  • Zigzag Sand
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